Plains of the Purple Buffalo

With thanks to the amazing *shels for inspiration and soundtrack…


The train groaned and ground to a halt at the usual platform. Roger donned his usual hat, and stepped out of the carriage. An unusual sight greeted him.

The plains stretched out as far as the eye could see in every direction. Across this mostly featureless plain roamed gargantuan herds of purple buffalo. Between the slowly grazing beasts, strange homunculi hopped and jumped like bacon in a frying pan. Tangerine jellyfish schlooped and bobbed  in schools past his eyes, tendrils trailing behind them.

This certainly wasn’t his usual stop. Not the first time this had happened, either, he mused. Just last week, the train debunked him in some sort of marine research facility. Now this. He shook his head as if to clear it, kicked out at a curious plant tendril plant the was trying to grab his briefcase from him, and slumped himself down on a waiting bench. No matter, he thought. I can work from here until the next train comes. With another glance at the roaming herds, he took out his notebook and pen.


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